Keynote address: European C&I Economic Forecast

Following a decade of lacklustre growth, European construction markets most of which were resilient during the pandemic are expected to continue to deliver solid growth momentum. Western Europe has reclaimed its historical position as the second-largest construction market after Emerging Asia, accounting for just under a fifth of total construction work done globally. And in Eastern Europe the construction market is expected to experience rapid growth fuelled partly from reconstruction of damaged infrastructure in Ukraine and the rebuilding of affected areas of Turkey post the devastating Earthquakes of 2023.

Those clever folk at GlobalData have recently published their Global Construction Outlook to 2028, which provides comprehensive benchmarking of 91 leading construction markets according to market value and growth, while also offering analysis of the latest macro trends. This address will reflect on GlobalData’s latest analysis to provide a detailed forecast for the European construction market together with providing insight to some of the drivers and challenges firms can expect. 
9:05 AM - 9:30 AM