Terms and conditions

  1. Commercial Risk is not liable for any costs incurred by a delegate attending an event which may include but is not limited to accommodation, travel or food or visa costs. Failure to obtain a visa shall not entitle the Participant to a refund of any fees.
  2. The Participant should ensure they have all necessary travel documentation, including but not limited to visas and other entry permits into the country where the Event is held, and that they comply with all health formalities and any applicable laws.
  3. Commercial Risk reserves the right to refuse entry by any Participant to an Event or to remove any Participant from an Event or block them from an Online Event Platform without any liability if, in its sole discretion, it determines that such Participant’s presence or conduct could cause:

(a) Commercial Risk, its affiliates, the Event Venue owner, the Online Event Platform or the Participant to fail to comply with applicable law, including in circumstances where the transactions or payments contemplated under these Terms are in breach of, or otherwise targeted by Sanctions or other laws; (b) Commercial Risk to breach any term, warranty, condition or other provision of any contract or undertaking to which Commercial Risk and/or any of its affiliates is or becomes a party; or (c) disruption at the Event, threaten the safety (including online) of other attendees or hinder the enjoyment of the Event by other attendees, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to Commercial Risk.

  1. Commercial Risk reserves the right to recover from you any loss or damage that incurred or suffered by us, the Event Venue, the Online Event Platform or any other Participants as a result of your conduct at the Event or failure to comply with these Terms. In such circumstances, a Participant shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees.
  2. Payment in full of any applicable Fees for the Event is due upon registration. If such payment is insufficient or declined for any reason, Commercial Risk may refuse entry to the Event.
  3. Fees are exclusive of amounts in respect of any applicable value added tax (VAT) or similar sales tax. If VAT or other sales tax is chargeable, Participants shall be required to pay to Commercial Risk such additional amounts in respect of such sales tax as are chargeable in relation to the Fee.
  4. Commercial Risk reserves the right to exclude from any Event any individual whose name does not appear on our register of Participants at the start of the Event.
  5. When registering for an Event, you must provide us with accurate and complete Registration Details. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to that information (including, without limitation, your email address) by updating your details on the relevant section of the applicable website or by contacting us using the contact information provided to you in any Event Confirmation.
  6. All registrations for Events are subject to availability and to acceptance by Commercial Risk at its absolute discretion.
  7. By attending the Event you acknowledge that photographs and filming may take place at the Event. Commercial Risk reserves the right to use images and videos recorded at the Event with your photograph and/or likeness in future marketing materials, including social media channels, websites, and print material, without obtaining any further approval from you or making any payment to you. If you do not wish your photograph to be taken at an Event please notify the photographer during the Event and we will use reasonable endeavours to comply with your request.
  8. Participants must be over the age of 16.
  9. Participants may not sell, transfer, or share their Event passes. Registered Participants may be substituted by other individuals at no extra cost by notice in writing to Commercial Risk at any time, subject to compliance with these Terms, including (without limitation) the need for any substitute individuals to provide Registration Details at least two business days in advance of attending the Event and subject to screening.