In these uncertain times, with issues such as supply chain interruption, the impact of natural catastrophes and climate change, and increasing geopolitical risks leading to economic instability, it is more important than ever for risk and insurance managers to be fully prepared for the challenges that face them. And that means having a properly coordinated global programme, with no gaps in cover, certainty over claims payments, and a full understanding of the changing rules, regulations and taxes that impact cross-border coverage.

The insurance market is increasingly differentiating between perceived good risks and poor risks, in terms of coverage, terms and conditions and pricing. How can risk and insurance managers ensure their global insurance programmes are performing to their full potential? And how can they make sure 

they get the best deal from the insurance market? In a hard market, it is vital to be able to show that risks are being properly managed. 

We are delighted to announce that our first Global Programmes Asia conference in Singapore on 28 November 2024 will answer many of these key questions, and show Asia-based multinationals and those with an interest in Asia how to put together a global programme that adds value to their organisation and provides full value for money. This one-day event will bring together senior corporate risk and insurance managers, insurers, brokers, and other service industry firms for a day of debate, analysis and networking.

Why should you attend?

Commercial Risk's first ever Global Programmes Asia conference aims to provide a comprehensive platform for enhancing the understanding, capabilities, and effectiveness of risk and insurance managers in navigating the complexities of today's global risk landscape and insurance market dynamics, particularly within the context of the Asian region.

Our expert panels and interactive workshops will equip delegates with the knowledge and tools essential for extracting maximum value from their global insurance programmes during challenging times.

Key conference features

Keynote address
Our keynote session will review some of the lessons learned over the last couple of years, including supply chain vulnerability, flexible working, acceleration of digitalisation, geopolitical instability and greater protectionism.  What do multinational companies need to do to ensure they are fully prepared and able to deal with these risks?

Asia tax update
Stay abreast of the latest taxes and charges impacting global programmes in Asia, and investigate what is on the horizon. Learn more about the importance of IPT compliance and the tax implications of different coverage mechanisms.

Value for money
Gain insights on obtaining the best deals from the insurance market and demonstrating effective risk management in a hard market environment. Our industry experts will discuss how to use captives and retentions to get the best deals.

Networking opportunites
Benefit from over 4 hours of networking breaks. Participants will have ample time to meet with peers, industry professionals and solution providers. This event will provide a collaborative environment where individuals can share experiences, insights and innovative strategies for optimising global insurance programmes.

Highlights from the Global Programmes Europe 2023 conference