This is a conference specifically designed for those at the forefront of strategic decision-making, offering key insights into emerging markets and the evolving risk landscape, reinforcing the continuing need for properly coordinated global insurance programmes.

As we navigate a landscape where the hard market is moderating, but challenges persist, our conference brings together industry leaders and experts to address critical issues. 

Our expert panels will examine the complexities of the hardening reinsurance market, especially within the property sector, while acknowledging the ongoing concerns related to inflation and the prevailing political and economic uncertainties across the globe.


Engage with industry experts to address real-world challenges and develop actionable solutions applicable to your organisation in our case-studies and interactive workshops.

Global Programmes Europe 2024 will provide a collaborative environment where professionals can share experiences, insights, and innovative strategies for optimising global insurance programmes. 

The conference will examine the key issues facing the industry and will support attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to extract maximum value from their global programmes during challenging times.


Optimising global insurance programmes

The conference is tailored to equip you with the knowledge and tools essential for extracting maximum value from your global insurance programmes.

Hard market dynamics

Gain a nuanced understanding of the moderating hard market as our expert panels delve into the complexities, particularly within the property sector. Navigate challenges and seize opportunities in an environment where resilience is key.

Addressing global challenges

Engage with industry leaders and experts as they tackle critical issues, including inflation, political and social unrest, and economic challenges worldwide.

Regulatory updates

Stay abreast of the latest regulatory changes impacting the corporate risk and insurance landscape. Understand how to navigate compliance challenges and ensure your global programme remains resilient in the face of evolving regulations.


The Global Programmes Europe annual conference is a premier event that brings together a unique gathering of European corporate risk and insurance managers and their risk transfer partners.

Save the date now and join us at Global Programmes Europe 2024 for an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your strategic decision-making and enhance the resilience of your organisation's global insurance programmes.


You are invited to participate in the discussion. Join us on Wednesday 18 September in London as Commercial Risk hosts its 5th Global Programmes Europe conference.